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Thank you for giving to the United Good Neighbors' Annual Campaign.
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A few important notes as you consider where to designate your donations:

  • All donations to the United Good Neighbors General Fund support UGN’s work on the social safety net, as they have for over 60 years.

  • You will receive an email acknowledgement immediately. Our nonprofit partners would also like to send a special thank you. If you prefer not to have your information shared with them, you will have multiple opportunities to indicate that as you make a donation. (For example, by clicking on “anonymous”.)

  • UGN and the nonprofit partners will be responsible for paying all of the credit card and admin fees related to your donation. We sure would appreciate your help with that! Please consider increasing your amount by 8% and if any funds are left over after we pay those bills, we will be sure to get the rest out into the community.

  • Other ways of donatingIf you prefer to donate stock, call UGN at (360) 385-1729 or email and we will email you the form you need. If you prefer to give by check, feel free to mail your donation to UGN 201 W. Patison Suite B Port Hadlock, WA 98339

Questions? Visit or call our offices at (360) 385-1729.

Video by Dennis Daneau

Everyday people in Jefferson County people struggle with issues that seem impossible to solve.

Affordable housing opportunities are almost non-existent. More than 20% of families live below poverty levels versus the statewide average of 11%. Youth arrests for drug and alcohol violations are double the statewide average and referrals to Child Protective Services are 30% higher. Across our school districts an average of 55% of students qualify for a free or reduced lunch program*.

These are tough problems that threaten the future of individuals and our community. But Give Jefferson, the United Good Neighbors’ 2018 Annual Campaign, has vetted 50 local local nonprofits to improve health, education, and economic stability for everyone in our community. Give Jefferson connects people with the causes that matter most.

Give Jefferson highlights many of the great nonprofit projects that are happening throughout our county. This is a way for the community to learn more about the work our nonprofits are involved in and contribute help to their success.

*Data according to 2016 Jefferson County Health Department

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I'm a proud supporter of Give Jefferson, the United Good Neighbors' 2018 Annual Campaign. Give Jefferson features over 50 basic human needs and local nonprofits making it a one-stop shop for your charitable support of our nonprofit community. Learn more at!


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